Clara almost cries after getting a bad tarot card reading on TV show

17 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

On the latest episode of 'Clara's Like a Virgin', the model-actress got a tarot card reading.

Regarding Clara's love life, the fortune teller said, "It's going to be difficult for you to date. I see you have thought about it a lot, but you never found someone you liked. It says here there are lots of people around you, but within that abundance, there is an absence."

Looking like she was about to cry, Clara responded, "Then does that mean I won't have a boyfriend until next year?"

According to AllKpop, the tarot reader also discussed Clara's luck in relation to work. She said, "It says here you also have some vanity."

She then advised Clara that it might be better for her to appear in movies rather than on television.

Clara asked, "Would it be good if I turned to the music industry?"
The fortune teller firmly said, "Not music. Keep that as a hobby."pop on Twitter | allkpop on Facebook

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