Clara accused of lying on various variety shows

12 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago
Clara has been under fire for what appears to be constant lying on various variety programs.  

The star addressed these allegations on Facebook, saying her primary goal was to have fun entertaining others, not to document honesty, reports All Kpop

She wrote, "I understand if you say you were not entertained, but if you say I was not being truthful . . ." and seemed too upset for words.

She added,  "Is it a lie to say I like chicken and beer because I'm with good friends in a nice atmosphere, even though I actually don't like chicken and beer?  

"Is it a lie to be good at yoga when I was never taught it?  Is it a lie to say I never dated another celebrity because I didn't want to mention my past celebrity boyfriend?"

She also pointed out that she was not used to the South Korean environment, but she would try harder to learn the culture and correct her behavior.  She was born as Clara Lee in Switzerland, educated in America, and is of British nationality.  

She said, "You can hate me.  I believe you can even make malicious comments.  However, please don't think I'm wrong because I'm different." 

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