City Council outraged by Psy's 'Gentleman'

19 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Psy’s new music video for “Gentleman‘ is the subject of public debate as it shows the rapper behaving rudely.|According to an article in Korea Joongang Daily, a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Council said Wednesday that it is not appropriate for Psy and his backup dancers to perform at Seoul Metropolitan Library as it is a public place.“After watching the music video, a foreigner could come and record himself dancing at the library,‘ Jung Se-hwan said. “We have shown [the public] that it is OK to run around [the library].‘He cited trouble that began at the Spanish Steps in Rome after Audrey Hepburn ate ice cream there in the classic film “Roman Holiday.‘ Despite warning notices, people still eat sweets there to this day.In a separate move, KBS decided not to air the music video as Psy kicks a traffic cone set up to block cars from parking in an alleyway. Officials there said they would not tolerate such destruction of public facilities.“Gentleman‘ was ranked 12th on the Billboard Hot 11 as of yesterday.View the gallery for screenshots of Psy's new music video.

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