Christopher Lee worries about him not able to protect Fann Wong on their vacations

21 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

She burst onto the entertainment scene when she was 23.

Nineteen years on, Fann Wong is 42 and still going strong. She's been busy filming a drama in China, dividing her time between that country, Singapore and Taiwan, where her husband and fellow actor, Christopher Lee, has been filming for almost a year, reported Simply Her.

Given her hectic schedule, the magazine were stoked that she agreed to fly home - for just a day - for a photo call.

Fann had earlier told them a little secret:

Despite her fear of heights, she's always wanted to fly a plane. Well, ask and you shall receive… somewhat. They couldn't turn her into a pilot overnight, but we could give her the next best thing: A chance to get up close to a private plane.

Flying Solo

She may only have pretended to be a pilot for a day, and on level ground at that, but that didn't give Fann any less of a thrill.

"I've been in the cockpit of a commercial plane before - there were so many buttons to press; everything seemed much more complicated. This is a smaller plane but I still felt very excited in the cockpit - I imagined myself as a real pilot about to take off for a flight. I love the idea that it could take me far, far away. Next, I would like to try a hot-air-balloon or helicopter ride!"

You're afraid of heights?

FANN: When I was a child, I hated to go on rides like the Viking (a big boat which swings from side to side with increasing speed while suspended in the air), but I thought it was because I was young and feeling scared. But when I became an actress and had to perform stunts like walking a tightrope during charity shows, I realised that I have a fear of heights.

Despite this phobia, you want to learn how to fly a plane...

FANN: To be able to fly a plane and be alone in the sky - that's the ultimate escape for me. When I need to clear my mind, I jump into my car and drive around alone at night - I wish I could do the same with a plane so I can escape into the sky any time and see the world from a different perspective.

Why not just do extreme sports like skydiving?

FANN: While filming a travelogue in South Africa, I tried gorge jumping, which is similar to bungee jumping.

I was reluctant to try it at first, but I thought we should show our viewers what it was about. So I jumped - although my handlers had to push me off . That was the closestI came to trying to overcome my fear of heights. It was definitely my first and last time gorge jumping.


FANN: The moment I stepped off the gorge, everything seemed to be in slow motion. My surroundings were so quiet, the tiniest noise was magnified. I could hear the wind in my ears as the scenery flew by.

Before I knew it, I'd reached the bottom of the gorge.

I felt so happy after the jump, like I was walking on air. It gave me such an adrenalin rush. But if I had to do another travelogue and jump out of a plane to skydive, I wouldn't do it.

I'd just load up on caffeine and get my rush there instead!


FANN: Everybody should go to the Maldives at least once in their lives - it's one of my favourite destinations.

It's very romantic. Everything feels different - the sea, the sun, even the air. You feel transported into your own private space where you can calm down and relax. My only concern is the sun - Maldives being a beach paradise, it would take me about half a year to get rid of my tan! (Laughs)


FANN: Xinjiang, for the beautiful scenery. The place is big though, and you'd need a few months to travel to both the northern and southern parts, although I've heard the south isn't that safe. When I was filming there, I visited the border near Kazakhstan and even Russia - we were surrounded by mountains and I was touched by the abundance of nature.

There's a place called Mogui Cheng (Demon City), filled with earth mounds of varying heights, some as tall as 10 metres. You can also stop by Kansai Nature Reserve - legend has it that a monster lives in the lake there.


FANN: I've liked peace and quiet since I was a child - the quieter, the better. I can stay at home for a few days and just do nothing.

Once you've immersed yourself in a "back-to-basics" environment, where you're not bothered by phone calls and can be alone, you'll realise there are a lot of things you've taken for granted in your daily life, and you'll find beauty in all the little things.

Great Escapes

Fann shares her list of dream destinations:

• Peru. "I've always wanted to see Machu Picchu, high up in the mountains. I'm so fascinated by the Incans - there's so much mystery surrounding them - so I want to see what it is like and how they used to live."

• Finland. "To see the Northern Lights - I hear it's a beautiful phenomenon."

• Bora Bora. "The beach resorts there are awesome! I love to be near the sea, even though I hate the sun. I used to love the sun when I was younger - I went sun-tanning every day. But now, I've turned into Dracula. When I see or feel the sun, I scream and hide!" (Laughs heartily)

And if she could escape somewhere with hubby Christopher, it would be to…

• Sao Paolo in Brazil, or Mexico.

"The further it is from where I am, the more I'll want to visit it. But I don't think Christopher will take me to those places. He's always saying they're too dangerous and he can't protect me (guffaws). He would propose a more leisurely holiday, like staying for a month in Florence, Italy, where we can cycle around town."

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