Christine Ng upset after netizens ask her to 'hurry up and die'

13 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

In the movie Beauty At War, Christine has one scene where she is about to commit suicide with scissors. Netizens later made it into a spoofed that scene, telling her to "hurry up and go die!"Because of this Christine got into war of words with netizens. She said, still with an upset tone: "You have freedom to publish whatever you want on Weibo. Whether people like me or not, I don't mind, reports Mingpao. "But telling someone to go die? I don't mention whether I'm upset or not, I want to ask why artists have to withstand these things? I'm not upset, I was just telling them that there should be mutual respect and I want to defend artists from getting scolded randomly. One netizen said, 'eat too many salty fish, deserve to get thirsty'. I didn't care about that, it's just everyone has their own limits."

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