Christine Kuo's hiatus from filming is due to depression and excessive weight gain

10 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Christine Kuo’s sudden weight gain in recent months had many fans concerned.

Last month, she revealed that she was suffering from hypothyroidism, which led her to gain a significant amount of weight in a short time span.

She went on a brief hiatus after filming Tiger Cubs 2 in October 2013 so she can recuperate, reports Oriental Daily. 

On January 8, Christine made her first public appearance since her hiatus to attend a fine art event at Landmark North in Sheung Shui.

The event was also attended by Hong Kong model-actress Coco Chiang and Korean fine artist Hong Ji Yoon.

Still recovering from hypothyroidism, Christine dressed conservatively with a long-sleeved short dress with black tights.

Keeping a large smile throughout the event, Christine was in good spirits, reports Jaynestars.

She admitted to the press that she also suffered through a brief period of depression due to her illness, and expressed her wish to go on a vacation for the Lunar New Year holidays.

“I want to go a quiet, snowy place. I can only relax if I leave Hong Kong,” she said. “But of course I would give out red envelopes to everyone first!”

Christine said TVB has been very understanding of her current health situation, and accommodated by postponing Christine’s schedules, allowing her sufficient time to rest.

Although recovering, she currently has no plans to film a TVB drama. “Originally I thought I would get better in about one to two months, but I also caught cold and had to stop medication, delaying the recovery.”

On speaking about new year wishes, Christine admitted that she wants to find new love. “Any girl would want to be loved! Being the only one in Hong Kong can be hard, and I really want to find my Mr. Right!”

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