Christine Kuo wishes audience will accept her body shape when she appears on TV

2 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Christine Kuo took a hiatus from acting after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a condition characterised by abnormally low thyroid hormone production.

Due to this condition, her weight has dramatically shot up from 120 pounds to 170 pounds within six months, reports Asian Pop News.

When asked about her weight-loss target, she said: "I know what's the problem and I'm dealing with it.

"My weight loss target is a secret. I still look quite big when I appear on screen.

"My target is for the audience to accept me when I'm on TV."

Christine also took the opportunity to dismiss rumours of a relationship with Aaron.

She said: "I only have contact with Aaron at work. We have no contact privately."

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