Christine Kuo under stern pressure to lose weight

8 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Under pressure to lose weight, Christine is currently on a strict diet regime. Aside from taking traditional Chinese medicine, Christine has added more greens to her diet. The TVB star attended the grand opening event of the Yata Department Store in Tsuen Wan earlier this week, together with Japanese model-actress Linah . She said, “I stopped consuming carbohydrates. I eat less meat and vegetables are the main dish when I eat hot pot. I really want to go back to how I was originally, to show a healthier side of myself. "I admit I was a bit unhappy when I was getting criticized for my weight. I felt that even the little improvements I have made [in my career] were discarded. I felt despair.‘While dancing with the department store’s bear mascot with Linah, the reporters noticed that Christine had trouble catching up with the others and had difficulty in dancing to the song’s beat. “I wasn’t expecting to perform such big dance moves! It was funny. I was afraid that [the mascot] would hit me accidentally; he was pretty strong. So I stood farther away, but then I couldn’t see his intricate dance. I didn’t know what to do for a moment.‘Linah was dressed up in a cute and festive “cabbage‘ dress, taking over the spotlight of Christine, who opted to wear a tight white sweater and bright, green pants.“I am presented as the ambassador today. [The organizers] want me to wear clothes that fit my identity,‘ Christine explained. “We want to encourage people to eat more vegetables!‘

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