Is Christine Kuo trying to get back together with Aaron Kwok?

18 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Facing immense media pressure after being dubbed as the third wheel in Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung’s broken relationship, Christine Kuo suffered from hypothyroidism and gained much weight.

Reportedly, Aaron then severed ties with her as a result. Recently, Christine has focused on slimming her figure through massage treatments and exercise, reports ihtkv.

Allegedly still interested in Aaron, she hopes to quickly change his mind about her. Last Saturday, Christine was spotted spending time with Aaron’s manager, Siu Mei.

The two visited a massage parlor to book an appointment, but realized the timetable was already full. While waiting for availability, they decided to eat at a nearby café.

Perhaps afraid of gaining weight, Christine only ordered a bowl of wonton soup noodles. She appeared to be very close to Siu Mei, and they laughed and chatted continuously while eating.

Since Siu Mei is well respected by Aaron and has been his manager for 21 years, Christine reportedly planned to get Aaron back through her connection.

An insider shared, “Siu Mei likes Christine and thinks she is a nice person who will not use Aaron to promote herself, unlike Lynn. She knows Christine is trying to lose weight, and introduced her to a massage therapist.”

Besides building her relationship with Siu Mei, Christine also took the initiative to invite actress Christine Ng out to yoga sessions and hiking trips.

Christine Ng is not only a close friend of Aaron’s, but has also previously shown support for her in midst of the scandalous rumors. The two women are close friends and frequently exercise together.

Aaron Kwok Seemingly Interested in Other Girls On the other hand, Aaron’s interests may have wandered elsewhere. He appeared to be interested in 19-year-old model, Kabby Hui, and singer Rainky Wai.

Besides taking the initiative to ask for both girls’ phone numbers, he even attended one of Kabby’s earlier stage play performances.

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