Christine Kuo gives co-star a tight slap at promotional event

19 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Yesterday, Alex Fong, Tavia Yeung, Edwin Siu, Christine Kuo, Lee Yee Man, Leanne Li and Power Chan attended the promotional event for TVB series, A Great Way to Care II.In the episode broadcasted a few nights ago, Edwin got a total of 6 slaps from Christine and Aimee Chan.And yesterday, when they were at the promotional event, Christine got into character and slapped Edwin.According to an article in Asian Fanatics, the slap was so loud, there was a 'pak' sound heard and witnessed by everyone.Edwin's resction? He said: "Why was it so hard? I thought we're doing it at an angle?"Edwin later said: "I have never been slapped by women before, except for my mother. (Upset?) How could I be upset, just one sorry from Christine and I already feel better."When we were filming, I got slapped about 11 times because of all the NGs. My friend actually envies me for having two beautiful on-screen girlfriends."When Christine was asked why she slapped Edwin so hard, she explained: "I just heard someone said 'action' and my acting just came. I don't know how to fake it and I get very into character."Edwin was standing besides her and joked: "Then it would be great doing kiss scenes with you. Once you get into position, you would just keep on kissing."

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