Christine Fan contradicts husband by insisting she 'conceived naturally'

28 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

After marrying for three years, Christine Fan and Blackie Chen announced recently that they are expecting a pair of expecting twins. Blackie also earlier admitted that the couple had undergone artificial insemination to conceive the babies.

After much speculations on their fertility process, Christine decided to reveal the truth, and said that they had “conceived naturally.”

According to Asian Pop News, Christine revealed that she began her first cycle of ovulation induction injection in May, but the couple failed to conceive that time.

She received her second cycle of injection in June, and after taking more than 10 shots, the doctor confirmed that her ovulation had induced. The couple went home and “did their homework” and eventually conceived successfully.

Blackie said that the couple “did not co-ordinate well” on their pregnancy announcement and apologized for the misunderstanding. The couple initially only wished to share their joyous news, and never expected Christine’s fertility process to become a talking topic.

Blackie said, “I am facing everyone with sincerity. Please do not add on the burden to the pregnant woman.”

According to gynecologists, Christine’s pregnancy is considered a “natural process”. Although Christine received an ovulation induction injection, the couple successfully conceived through sexual intercourse.

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