Chrissie Chau's 'twin bears' versus 'Malaysian papaya' Chris Tong

14 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Pictured: Chris Tong (left) and Chrissie Chau (right)In an attempt to compete with 'Malaysian papaya' Chris Tong, Chrissie Chau revealed her 'double bra twin bears' reported that Chrissie Chau Sau Na worked on the Cheuk Wan Chi directing debut BAU 3 CHIU GIU WAN (EXPLOSIVE 3 ANGELS). Earlier she along with other actresses DaDa Lo Chung Chi and Hidy Yu Hiu Tung met with the press in Kuala Lumpur. Known as the "Malaysian Papaya" Chris Tong Bing Yu got the home field advantage as she removed her jacket to display her busty career line; Chau Sau Na alternatively wore a new friend "double bra twin bears". Chau Sau Na joked, "I haven't had the chance to try the papaya and the durian here, so I brought a 'friend' to counter them. I plan to eat in and take out then share the results with everyone." Tong Bing Yu hoped to take Sister Na around Malaysia to try all the delicacies. "If she wants, I don't mind sharing the papaya and durian healthy diets, with one less 'friend' she wouldn't overheat."Related:HK 'goddess' Chrissie Chau breaks up with cheating boyfriendChrissie Chau appears severely underweightChrissie Chau and Show Luo dating?'Snake dance' in Journey to the West gave Chrissie Chau six-packHK 'goddess' Chrissie Chau channels her own emotions of heartbreak into, filmingChrissie Chau 'subdues' her juniors with arm lock, head lock and leg sweepsAvis Chan posts mushy messages online in hope of winning Chrissie Chau backShow Luo denies hotel date with Chrissie ChauIs topless man inside intimate photo HK 'goddess' Chrissie Chau's ex beau?Find out why Chrissie Chau is all bruised

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