Chow Yun Fat to star in 'Cold War 2'

19 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

After a 18-year hiatus from starring in Hong Kong films, Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) is considering a starring role in Sunny Luk (陸劍青) and Longman Leung’s (梁樂民) upcoming sequel to their successful 2012 crime thriller, Cold War reported that Cold War, which starred Aaron Kwok (郭富城) and Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝), has been a massive box office success. The film is currently the highest-grossing local film in Hong Kong, grossing over $43 million HKD (S$7.16 million) in the Hong Kong box office. Cold War also found success in mainland China, where it grossed over $115 million HKD (S$19.16 million) in its first week alone. Since its November 2012 release, Cold War has grossed over $323 million HKD (S$53.8 million) in mainland China, $16 million HKD (S$2.7 million) in Taiwan, and $18 million HKD (S$3 million) in Malaysia. Cold War has since generated approximately $400 million HKD (S$66.7 million) in its total Asian box office.Fat Gor will reportedly star as the main villain in Cold War 2, engaging in battles of wits with Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung, and new cast member, Kenneth Tsang (曾江).The story of Cold War 2 will kick off after the end of the first film. Aaron Kwok will return to star as DCP Sean Lau, who is now promoted to Commissioner of Police after the success of the Cold War rescue operation. The main villain ‘“ who was briefly mentioned in the first film ‘“ returns to the scene to kidnap Sean’s wife and daughter. Sean convinces former rival, the retired DCP of Operations officer Waise Lee (Tony Leung), to return to his post to help Sean solve the tricky kidnapping case.Director Sunny Luk confirmed that the script of Cold War 2 is currently being written and the film is due to start shooting by the end of 2013. The director, however, refused to disclose as to whether or not Chow Yun Fat was cast, saying, “That kind of information is better for my boss to announce.‘When discussing about the possible topics to explore in Cold War 2, Sunny Luk explained that the sequel will explore the answers to questions that were previously left hanging in the first film. He said, “The first film had three major pending questions, which will all be answered in the sequel. One ‘“ the sequel will uncover who the main villain is, the leader who was behind the hijacking case in the first film. Two ‘“ the sequel will explore the backgrounds of the hijackers; and three ‘“ the film will explain what the MD57 document was.‘Hong Kong media reported that William Kong (江志強), the producer of Cold War, has an interest in inviting Chow Yun Fat to portray the film’s main villain. Kenneth Tsang was also cast to portray Tony Leung’s father, who will have a secret connection with Chow Yun Fat’s character.Chow Yun Fat’s wife and manager, Jasmine Tan (陳薈蓮), stated in a phone interview yesterday, “We’ve had preliminary discussions. The script is not even out yet, so let’s wait until he reads the script first! As long as the script is good, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Hong Kong film, a co-production film, or a Hollywood film. Fat Gor is also currently in talks to do several other films this year as well. In April, he will film Wong Jing’s (王晶) new movie. In the second half of the year, he will film an American movie.‘Although it has been 18 years since Chow Yun Fat last worked on a Hong Kong film, the actor is still highly supportive of Hong Kong’s local productions. He is a regularly supporter of TVB dramas and was a vocal supporter of Cold War when the film opened in November 2012. Fat Gor praised Cold War’s script and Aaron’s improved acting, also expressing that he hopes to have a chance to work with Aaron again soon.Although both actors had collaborated in Cheang Pou Soi’s (鄭保瑞) The Monkey King , they shared only brief scenes together.On Weibo yesterday, Aaron reblogged a news article regarding Cold War 2, writing, “I look forward to collaborating with Fat Gor again!‘Also view photos of Chow Yun Fat when he was at the Screen Singapore event in the gallery below.

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