Chow Yun-fat hurts himself with durian spike during filming in Thailand

26 July 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Chow Yun Fat recently suffered a minor injury after he was wounded by a durian spike while fiming in Thailand, reported Hktopten.

The 59-year-old star was shooting action pack sequel Vegas to Macau 2 with Nick Cheung Ka Fai and popular Thai transgender model and actress, Poyd.

In the scene, he had to jump onto a durian-filled lorry with Nick Cheung and shoo away some bees.

In the process, the 59-year-old got spiked on two fingers - his left thumb and index. Luckily, the wounds were not serious and Chow was seen laughing and socialising with the cast and crew after.

His wife also joined in dinner when the team met up with Louis Koo and his crew who were also filming in Thailand.

Thai transgender model Poyd was suggested for the role in the film by actor Nick Cheung. He felt that she would be suitable for the role, rather than Miss Thailand.

During the filming duration, Poyd got on well with the other cast members and even praised Chow for his good looks.

She said to him, "You are handsome guy", and Chow humourously replied: "I don't live in Sun Gai (New Territories in Hong Kong)."

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