Chow Yun-fat bursts into laughter at Nicholas Tse getting back together with Faye Wong

22 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Earlier this week, the cast of TVB’s From Vegas to Macau shot an action scene at a film studio at Yuen Long.

The fourth installment of the popular God of Gamblers stars Chow Yun Fat, Nicholas Tse, and Chapman To reports Jayne Stars and ihktv

Faye Wong (王菲) and Li Yapeng’s recent unprecedented divorce shocked the public. Many netizens even hoped that Faye would reconcile with ex-boyfriend Nicholas Tse.

Recent rumours even claim that Nicholas, upon hearing about Faye’s divorce, immediately sent a letter to Faye asking to stay in contact.

Speaking about Faye’s divorce with Yapeng, Chow Yun Fat said he had heard of the news, but was not very familiar with Faye.

Asked if he pitied the ex-couple, he said, “They must have their reasons. I’m an outsider so it’s not convenient to comment.”

When he heard that many fans hope Faye and Nicholas would reconcile their relationship, Chow burst into laughter.

“Don’t pour olive oil on the floor for me to slide on! I didn’t wear my snow boots! Don’t want to slip!”

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