Chinese women paid up to S$3.7 million to play video games in skimpy clothes

13 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Forget being a supermodel as a career choice -- young Chinese women are now dreaming that when they grow up they will get the chance to be an e-sport hostess.

According to Asian Town, a recent report  suggested that such hostesses, who are hired by gaming platforms to commentate on online video games and host live events in scanty clothing, are among the best-paid people in the country.

Han Yiying, China’s top-paid e-sport hostess, was paid around ¥17 million (£1.8 million) to join a gaming company at the end of 2014. Her almost caught up with Liu Xiang, a hugely popular Olympic gold medalist from China.

E-sport, short for Electronic Sports, is the name for organised multi-player video game competitions in which mostly male players pay to take part.

Video game competitions associated with electronic sports involve real-time strategy, fighting and first-person shooter contests. 

There are cash prizes to competitors, but the real attraction for many Chinese men taking part in the events is the opportunity to ogle and communicate with beautiful women like Han Yiying, who is dubbed ‘Queen of e-sport’.

Ms Han’s daily job includes dressing in a sexy outfit and chatting to the male competitors in the contests either through the internet or in person when there are live events.

Han is also a professional gamer who has participated in a variety of international gaming competitions, including World Cyber Games.

Photos 1 to 17 show the e-sport hostesses, while the rest show other cosplayers.

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