Chinese starlet in prostitution scandal: More shocking details exposed

18 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

New shocking details have emerged in the prostitution scandal involving Chinese starlet Johanne Liou, who first made waves online as a participant for the Sunflower Movement.

According to and Taiwan media reports, Liou spoke of the incident and expressed, "I should have turned away and left, but I can't deny that the temptation of $100,000 was too great for me."

It was earlier reported that Liou allegedly solicited sex for money in a transaction with an individual from Hong Kong. The man apparently filmed their encounter with a hidden camera.

The video was edited to depict Liou as the sole speaker in a hotel room. In the video, Liou looked as though she was negotiating a price with another person, using innuendo alluding to her body.

In response to the video, Liou appealed to Facebook, asking netizens to recommend her legal counsel in light of the Hong Kong man's claims.

In interviews with local media, Liou also admitted to revealing intimate details about herself in a hotel room, but claimed that she had said those things as a ruse to get out of a trap.

Liou earlier claimed that she had gone to the destination with the impression that she had a customer interested in purchasing alcohol from her. After becoming more aware of the situation, Liou said she devised a plan to scare away the "pervert."

However, in the article dated Dec 17, Liou finally expressed, "I was wrong. I was wrong for not leaving immediately when I was in the elevator. I was wrong for wanting to see how the one forking out $100,000 would look like."

Admitting that she was greedy over money, Liou also said that when news of the incident broke, she was only worried that her daughter would be mocked for having a mother who was a prostitute.

"I can apologise and repent a thousand times, ten thousand times. Please do not harrass my family and friends anymore," Liou added.

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