Chinese star blasted for taking advantage of Lin Chi-ling on TV show

30 April 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Lin Chi-ling has been rumoured to be together with 28-year-old Chinese star, Ma Tianyu after filming China’s travel reality programme, Sisters Over Flowers <花樣姐姐>.

The duo shared many intimate interactions in the show and in one episode, Tianyu even proposed to her. Chi-ling has since dismissed the rumours and said she only treated Tianyu like her younger brother.

In the latest episode, Tianyu’s intimate behaviour with Chi-ling incurred the wrath of the netizens, reports Asian Pop News.

In one scene where the group was supposed to take a hot air balloon ride, Chi-ling was terrified and dared not take the ride. Tianyu suddenly carried her without giving any warning.

In another scene, Tianyu requested to piggy back Chi-ling. Netizens spotted that Tianyu’s hands had almost rested on Chi-ling’s chest. 

Netizens also could not stand seeing Tianyu hugging Chi-ling from the back, resting his head on her shoulders and even touching her waist and thighs. Over 20,000 netizens have blasted Tianyu and left nasty remarks on the forum.

One said, “You are so shameless. Lin Chi-ling was just being embarrassed to reject you.”

Another said, “Can you get your dirty hands away from Chi-ling!”

One even said, “You keep hugging and touching her. You are disgusting!”

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