Chinese news reports say that Kit Chan does not have powerhouse vocals

4 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

The Straits Times
Dec 31, 2014

Kit Chan appeared to have won favour with a preview audience following the first taping of I Am A Singer 3.

The Singapore singer appeared at a press conference on Monday with six other singers who are competing in the new series of the hit Hunan TV singing show.

Following the screening of clips from the show at Monday's event in Hunan's Changsha city, Chongqing Evening News said she gave a "spirited" performance.

She chose a soothing song, Tempting Heart, from one of her albums, according to Her performance along with those by China's Han Hong and Jane Zhang, Taiwan's A-lin and Hong Kong's Leo Ku (who is also the show host), were described as highlights of the episode, to air in China on Friday.

"Based on their singing skills, Chan and A-lin may be said to be the dark- horses," Chongqing Evening News reported online.

Chan may not have powerhouse vocals, but she is easy on the ear, it added. Singers with soaring vocals have tended to win at the show and, this time, Chan is up against singers such as China's Sun Nan, Han and Zhang, whose skills in hitting the high notes are well known. Chan admitted she is well aware of the competition, reported yesterday.

"We invited you to come on board especially because you are not that type of a singer," said the show's director Hong Tao, addressing Chan. She said she is running, exercising and honing her vocals every day to be in top form.

It appears that the singer, the first Singaporean artist to take part in the show, has attracted some notice ahead of the telecast.

Not only have fans gone on her Weibo pages to check about her, but the 500-strong audience at the Hunan TV headquarters' studio also placed her fifth in the order of the artists' appearances, after China's Anson Hu, reported Chongqing Evening News.

Unlike the past shows which relied on balloting to determine the order, the audience this time voted for who to appear first, with the most popular ones being the last to come on stage.

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