Chinese model in sex scandal with Kpop idols also linked to Jay Chou and other famous celebs

19 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Busty Chinese model-actress-singer Lin Xi Ya has been viciously slammed by K-pop fans after she was named in a sex scandal last week involving two popular K-pop heart-throbs.

The Chinese media has also painted her as a desperate, fame-hungry wannabe, reports The New Paper

Lin’s phone was recently hacked into and, according to Chinese media reports, pictures of K-pop male celebrities like actor-singer Jang Kuen Suk and Kris from the boy band EXO captured in private moments were found in it.

In the same reports, Taiwanese actors Jay Chou and Eddie Peng and Hong Kong actor Jaycee Chan were also implicated as Lin had apparently kept a log of flirtatious messages with them on her phone.

Other Chinese reports say there are also pictures of Chou, Peng and Chan, just that they have not been “shared” with the public yet.

Lin, 25, told the Chinese media that she had lost her phone and realised that her privacy was compromised only when pictures from her phone were leaked online two weeks ago.

Kris has not issued any statement regarding the matter, while Jang has admitted that the man in the picture is him but accused Lin of photoshopping herself into it.

When the scandal blew up, fans of the heart-throbs were up in arms and they defended their idols. They went online and slammed Lin, calling the saga a shameless publicity stunt that she had orchestrated in the hope of giving her career a boost.

Korean media reports said that Lin was about to make her debut in a K-pop group under the name Shi Ya.

Jang’s management, TreeJ Entertainment, was the first to react to the allegations that Jang and Lin were having sexual relations. It released a statement claiming Jang’s innocence and accusing Lin of being a scheming manipulator.

Jang also showed that he had a sense of humour about the situation when he posted a picture of himself in a similar sleeping position — this time being cradled by a man. Of the parody, he wrote: “You pig who caused this... what a pig-like situation.”

Lin has since apologised on her Sina Weibo account to “seniors and friends” to whom the incident has caused harm or inconvenience in any way.

On Monday, she posted another message that she can no longer stand the fact that “even my parents have been brought into the picture”.

She claimed that the photos were leaked by fans of EXO-M member Lu Han and warned the “perpetrators” that she would take legal action if they continue with the defamation.

According to the Chinese media, Lin was said to have had amorous relationships with both Kris and Lu.

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