Chinese media questions identity of Guo Meimei's father

13 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Chinese media is questioning why Internet celebrity Guo Meimei's father has not appeared and supported his daughter in her recent gambling scandal.

Guo Meimei was born in 1991 and was originally named Guo Meiling. Her mother said that her name was changed to Meimei after being advised by a fortune teller. He said if she used the name Meiling, she would end up in grave trouble.

A report on Gucheng posted a photo of Meimei and her family during her 14th birthday. Netizens speculated that the man in the photo is her real father. He looked well-dressed, wears glasses and around 1.8 metres tall. 

Her mother has previously been seen in the media, toting around luxury bags alongside her daughter.

Her mother, Guo Dengfeng, revealed to News QQ in an interview that Meimei's father left her when she was pregnant. She said that when she was dating Meimei's father, people called her a "second wife".

Dengfeng heard rumours that he was already married and had a family. He told her he was divorced. She wasn't bothered by that as she had make a fortune through the stock market and was financially independent.

In fact, she added in an interview, that Meimei's father and her met, when he came to borrow money from her. At the time, he used his jewellery like a ring and a watch as collateral.

They started to date and soon, she got pregnant. Three months after, Meimei's father said he had to leave as he was being investigated by authorities and could only return two years later.

Meimei's mother decided to go ahead with the pregnancy even though she was advised to abort the child. She chose not to follow him as she knew he has a playful heart.

When asked if she hated him, Dengfeng said there was one thing when she felt anger towards him.

When Meimei was 15,16 years old, she stayed with him half a year at Sanya. During that time, she did not go to school as he could not afford to send her.

Dengfeng then sent Meimei money for school fees, which she passed to her father. However, her father took the money but did not pay for her school fees.

Guo Meimei
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