Chinese actress' lawyer denies that she was caught shoplifting luxury goods

12 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

The lawyer of Chinese actress Bai Baihe has refuted online rumours that she was caught shoplifting, reported China Daily.

An unverified claim had said that the 30-year-old Bai was caught stealing items at a luxury goods boutique on Jul 1 in Shanghai.

This piece of news was disseminated to many websites by an anonymous source, said China Daily.

Some online sites even added to the false information that the actress had a prior conviction history on theft.

The lawyer issued a statement saying this rumour is just a malicious fabrication and has brought great mental anguish to Bai.

It also said that the websites and outlets which have been spreading this false piece of news should make a public apology to the actress, added China Daily.

Bai is best known for her role in a 2011 romantic-comedy, Love is Not Blind.

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