Chinese actress badly wounded after getting mauled by Michelle Ye's unleashed dog

22 October 2014 / 2 years 20 hours ago

Mainland Chinese actress Li Yixiao (李依曉) was reportedly attacked by a large Alaskan dog belonging to Hong Kong actress Michelle Ye (葉璇).

According to Jayne Stars, Li Yixiao’s injuries were so severe that she required more than 20 stitches on the back of her head.

On the evening of September 22, Li Yixiao and Michelle were both attendees at mainland Chinese actor Yin Xiaotian’s (印小天) birthday celebration, which was held at Hengdian World Studios.

That evening, Michelle brought along her two pet dogs, a large Alaskan and a Chinese rural dog. Both were unleashed.

To everyone’s surprise, the Alaskan canine suddenly pounced on Li Yixiao and knocked her to the ground.

Because it was not on a leash, Michelle was unable to get it under control in time, and Yixiao suffered bites on the back of her head and on her left ear.

She was rushed to the hospital and received more than 20 stitches on her head, as well as additional stitches on her ear.

Though the attack occurred in late September, it was not until mid-October that the public was alerted to Yixiao’s injury. On October 14, Yixiao posted a long entry on her Sina Weibo discussing the 22 days that had passed since the attack.

“Ever since I was injured, I have not blamed anyone or complained, because no one could have thought that something like this would happen,” she wrote. “I will just treat this accident as an unavoidable tribulation in my life.”

As Yixiao is currently filming the new television adaptation of Xiao Shiyi Lang <新蕭十一郎>, which also stars Yan Yikuan (嚴屹寬), the drama’s crew had originally planned to adjust the filming schedule in order to give her time to recover.

However, Yixiao did not want to cause delays in filming, so she rested for only four days before returning to work.

In a Sina Weibo post published in the early hours of October 21, Beijing entertainment business Ju Chunlei (巨春雷) revealed that Yixiao’s stitches have already been removed. Moreover, neither she nor her management company wants to pursue the matter further.

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