Chinese actor refuses to stop training for Stars in Danger despite injury

10 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Despite sustaining an injury whilst training for his appearance on the Stars in Danger reality television series, Chinese actor Han Geng insisted on carrying on with training, saying that he was merely 'not sturdy enough'.According to a Nanjing Daily report, the actor injured his upper jaw due when he landed in the pool from a three-metre dive without closing his mouth properly.He received immediate medical attention and surprised everyone when he told them that he was okay and that he just wasn't as sturdy as he ought to be.On the same night, he continued his intensive training that was brought about due to his busy schedule.This is not the first time Han has suffered an injury while training for the television programme. In a previous training session, he passed out for nearly 10 seconds after an error in his landing sequence from a five-metre dive.Check out the gallery below to see which other celebrities will be appearing alongside Han Geng on the Stars in Danger reality television series!

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