Chinese actor Chen Kun says he will boycott Malaysian products and tourism

30 March 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Main photo: Sina

A number of big-name Chinese entertainment stars have taken to social media to voice their anger and frustration towards the Malaysian government over its alleged mishandling of the lost Malaysia Airlines flight 370 and its 239 passengers and crew.

According to an article in Sina via Jayne Stars, one of them was Chen Kun (陳坤), who has over 72 million followers on Weibo.

He expressed his utter disappointment at the Malaysian government and Malaysia Airlines on his Weibo, proclaiming that he will boycott Malaysian products and tourism indefinitely.

Not all netizens agreed with Chen Kun. One user wrote, “As an artist, how can [you] be so irrational? Your self-righteous mind goes on to say that there are [153] Chinese on the plane, but what about the people from other countries? The Chinese were not the only ones who lost their families. Many Malaysians also lost their families too. Please respect us Malaysians, thank you.”

Another Chinese netizen wrote, “To boycott the airline because of this incident is like stop eating after choking on food.”

A Malaysian citizen said, “Please thoroughly observe the situation and understand it deeply. Do not just speak about what you see on the surface, which can lead to tens of thousands of Chinese citizens to slander the innocent.”

Chen Kun recently attended a public event in Shanghai and was asked about the comment he made on boycotting the Malaysian government on March 25.

Chen Kun stressed that his comment was not meant to be inflammatory, pointing out that he was only expressing his anger and disgruntlement.

“I am a public figure, but every time I see the pain that these sufferers had to endure, I also begin to feel it myself. My remarks were only directed to the Malaysian government and Malaysia Airlines. In the last 17 days, we have all seen the government’s prevarication on the incident.”

He continued, “I am not trying to appeal or push anything. I am only expressing my own attitude. I am not trying to counter any third party outside the Malaysian government and Malaysia Airlines. During such an important phase, I hope everyone to please not blow up [exaggerate] our anger.”

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