China's 'most beautiful marathon runner' skyrockets to fame

16 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

A woman hailing from Hangzhou has gained a huge online following after pictures of her running a marathon went viral.

The 26-year-old athletic beauty, who goes by the name Mao Dou, was photographed taking part in the 2013 Beijing Marathon in October last year and once again at the 2014 Xiamen International Marathon held at the start of this year.

According to online reports via AsiaOne, she has finished at least seven marathons so far and has gained over 10,000 followers on her microblog.

She regularly updates her Weibo account with pictures of her running marathons, her daily fitness routines and the progress she has made in toning her body and building her impressive abs.

She started getting interested in running four years ago and took part in her first marathon in May 2012, Fujian-based news portal reported. quoted her as saying that she trains three to five times a week and runs 10km per session. On weekends, she can run up to 25km per session.

She said she hopes to complete 100 marathons without getting injured and to maintain her toned figure for as long as she can.

After her pictures went viral, she has been hit with criticism and praise. Many have commented on her beauty and stunning figure, with one labelling her as "the most beautiful marathon girl." Others have asked whether her looks are natural.

When asked about her sky-rocketing popularity, she said that she knows "this sort of popularity is meaningless." She said the only thing she finds meaningful about it is when she can advise others on how to similarly improve their fitness levels.

As for the label of "the most beautiful marathon girl", she said she doesn't mind it much. She added that there are not many girls who run marathons, and hopes more beautiful women come forward to take up sport, until one day people start creating labels such as "the most beautiful marathon girls."

Photos 1 to 54 show Mao Dou, while the rest show an intern reporter who recently made waves online with her beauty.

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