ChinaJoy game expo a big hit with men -- though its not the games that attracted them

7 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

ChinaJoy, the biggest game expo in Asia, finished off its last day on August 3.

Boasting over 500 local and global exhibitors this year, including big names such as Tencent, Blizzard and EA, the five-day event was a battlefield for game companies.

They used their best-selling games, new releases and hundreds of booth babes as their “weapons” to vie for a spot in the limelight, reports Rocket News.

However, many visitors and cameramen were probably more attracted by the other fierce competition that ran alongside the battle of the game companies – the grand battle of cleavage among the booth babes.

Booth babes and gaming expos come hand in hand, so it’s not a surprise to find that many members of the public head down to these game shows with their priorities set on the girls rather than the games and gadgets.

Being the biggest game show in Asia, it’s only expected that ChinaJoy has the biggest crew of show models, but could these Chinese booth babes also incidentally have the biggest assets?

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