Chin Kar Lok gets wedding guests to predict his baby's gender

17 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: TVB News WorldOn Thursday (Nov 15), Chin Kar Lok (Lok Lok) and Angela Tong hosted their 55-tables wedding banquet at the InterContinental Hong Kong hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.It was a star-studded banquet as many of their friends from the industry came down. Ekin Cheng performed The Same Second (同一秒) to welcome the newlyweds into the hotel while King Kong and Kitty Yuen (Siu Yee) were the emcees.A few days ago at their wedding, the groom Lok Lok revealed there will be a new concept at the banquet -- guests will be roped in to play a game and guess the gender of Angela's baby, who is reportedly a girl.The winner of the game stood to win business class tickets to Thailand.At the banquet, Eric Tsang wanted Lok Lok to publicly promise Angela that he'll "hang up his sneakers" (retire) and that he must not cheat on her from now on. Angela laughed loudly in response: "You have to say it louder."One of the special guest, Jackie Chan also made the same joke in a video he had previously recorded to congratulate the couple. In the clip, he quipped: "From now on, I won't tell him (Lok Lok) to go out and party anymore." The majority of the expenses of this wedding was spent on the bride. Angela's diamonds and accessories were sponsored, but valued at around the HK$10 million (S$1.58 million) mark.Although the wedding rings, hotel reservations, marriage registration, wedding cakes and dress were all sponsored, Lok Lok was reported to have spent half a million Hong Kong dollars (S$79,147) to marry his beautiful wife. Lok Lok also revealed that his prospective father-in-law gave him a lecture: "He said Angela is his precious treasure in their family, everyone treats like a princess. He told me I should know what to do. I understand my father-in-law's feelings, my mom still thinks I'm a child." Lok Lok had 12 groomsmen, including Ekin Cheng, Michael Tse, Timmy Hung, Louis Yuen, and Wong Cho Lam while Angela's bridesmaids were Charmaine Sheh, Toby Leung, Annie Man, Sherming Yiu, Margaret Chung and Janet Chow.Earlier that day, at the bride pick-up ceremony in the morning, Ekin and Michael were made to put stockings over their heads! When the groom and his best men finally got into the house, they caught hold of Charmaine Sheh and Margaret as 'hostages'. Lok Lok also drank a cup of 'Annie Man's breast milk' and said that "it still disgusts me. It was so sour! Did it expire? Don't let the baby drink it!" When asked how he felt when he read out his declaration of love? Kar Lok said: "The girls wanted me to read it! At this state of emergency, I pretended to cough!"

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