Chilam Cheung denies eye condition might blind him

16 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

It was reported on Mingpao and Oriental Daily that Chilam Cheung's right eye has been twitching nonstop and after the doctor's consultation, it was confirmed there is vascular pressure on the nerves in his eyes. Chilam responded to the rumour. He said: "Thank you all for the concern! Indeed, the cause of my eye twitching is because of vascular pressure on my nerves, but the twitching had already stopped. The doctor said it's not a big deal."When told that it was rumoured he could go blind at any time, he said, "They exaggerated it. I'm going to be shooting a 3D film with Gillian Chung and Kara Hui in April. I have many action scenes too, so if my condition was as serious as the rumor claims, then I wouldn't have accepted this film!"

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