Chew Chor Meng rudely scolded for "walking too slow" at hawker centre

11 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

A month ago, local actor Chew Chor Meng was eating at a hawker cantre. As he was suffering from poor health, he walked very slowly. 

According to Wanbao, someone behind him then scolded that he "walked very slow". Chew felt embarrassed.

Chew's wife felt indignant for him, and accidentally let his little daughter know about it. 

His daughter then did the most precious thing ever. She walked a few steps behind her father, and said:

"If I walk behind you, then nobody will scold you for walking slowly!"

This sweet gesture touched Chew's heart.

Chew is currenly staying at his three-storey home in Hougang. However, due to his weak legs, the third story has become a 'forbidden zone' to him -- unable to climb up there. 

Chew persists in climbing to the second level, so that he could train his strength. 

He revealed that he has accidentally fallen many times because he was tired and felt weak, therefore he takes extra care of his body and does not exert himself too much.

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