Check out these Chinese celebs who never seem to age

27 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Aging is such a fear-fraught process for many women. But doesn’t it make you feel great when you see someone has managed to look chic and fashionable and youthful despite her 40+ years of age? Check out these current photos of celebrities who haven’t changed much in years.Celebs featured in the gallery include:Gong Li, born in 1965, and being absolutely gorgeous at 47. She looks even much better than her younger days.Also, celeb Yang Yuying was born in 1971, is called the 'never-old beauty' in mainland China.Michelle Reis, born in 1970, is still active, and her beauty is a par above young starlets.Athena Chu, born in 1971, doesn’t admit that she is aging and just conceived a child baby this year at 41.Kelly Chen, born in 1972, just gave birth to her second baby, and did not stop work, Kelly Chen still looks so young and we have every reason to believe she will be more successful in singing and acting.Vivian Chow, Hong Kong’s never old beauty, was born in 1967.Hong Kong actress Angie Chiu still looks young and charming at age of 58, She is known as a “forever young‘ legend in China.Cherie Chung, born in 1960, now frequently attend fashion events and still looks sexy.Wang Meihua, born in 1954, was a beauty at her young age, she married Eric Tsang at 18 and soon gave birth to Bowie Tsang, their marriage ended in a divorce after 3 years, now the 60-year-old woman is still very dynamic and beautiful.Jane Wang, born in 1971, was a supermodel at her young age, looks very elegant at 41.Photos 1 to 10 show these ten Chinese celebs listed above while the rest of the gallery shows other stars who have aged gracefully.

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