Check out this funny Thai love song by Malaysian singer Namewee

19 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

You might think Namewee is singing a Thai song at first, but when you listen closely, the Malaysian artist is singing a mix of Mandarin, Thai and English.The 29-year-old uploaded his latest music video, A Thai Love Song on Feb 7 but it is already gaining a fan following.A comedic take on a Malaysian guy's love for a Thai girl, it also shows famous Thai landmarks like the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Democracy Monument, Khao San Road and Hat Yai.Playing himself in the video, Namewee, or Wee Meng Chee, sees a beautiful Thai woman (Chayanuj Boontanapibul) and falls in love. He then tries all means to woo her, with hilarious results.Just two weeks after it was uploaded, Namewee's hit has already garnered over 800,000 views on YouTube.This is one love song we can probably laugh to and even relate it as it also reflects Malaysian and Singaporean culture, mixed with a funny play on Thai words.Watch the video to the end to see the horrific twist.Click to the next page for the full lyrics.

'泰國情哥' / 'Thai Love Song' NAMEWEE:ASIA MOST WANTED詞曲: 黃明志 Namewee編曲: 一正/周順成 Soon 101製作: Fred Chong 張捷惟 / Namewee 黃明志導演: Chayanop BoonprakobSupported by Mface & MBI InternationalEmail: prodigeemedia@gmail.com來 美麗的女孩 Oh my pretty Thai girl雖然我是大馬的Bluechai (男孩) Though I'm not a handsome Malaysian boy但我愛吃Tomyam(東炎湯) 喝喝椰奶I'm in love with tomyum and your coconut milk我很愉快 因為約會你出來I'm really happy that we're dating todayKop Kun Kap (謝謝) 你是什麼Cup? How are you? What's your cup?Sawadeecaap (您好) 就算是A cupI don't mind even it's only A-cup只要你能證明你不是Krak toei (人妖)Just as long as you're not a man看不出來 希望不要太見怪 Sorry but sometimes its hard to tell但是我 不太會說Thai (泰語)I can't understand Thai只是偶爾 會跑去Hatyai (合艾-泰國地名)But I love visiting Hatyai如果你跟我談情說愛So if you'd be my girl我讓你SameSame (一樣) 每天都精采I promise to make you happy everyday你是我心中最Shuai Makmak(美麗)的女孩You're prettiest girl in my heart送給你Rajapruek(金鏈花)代表我的愛Here's a Rajapruek as sign of my love 帶你到Pratunam(水門市場)你想買的我都會買I'll take you shopping at Pratunam買完了就去佛廟拜拜After that we'd pray at the temple for good luck無可取代最Shuai Makmak(美麗)的女孩You're prettiest girl in my heart對你的真心希望你會明白Believe me that my love is real我也會Massage(按摩)純正的泰國的StyleI can even do Thai massage for you會讓你身體健康Ao mai? (要嗎?)We can stay healthy together ok?來 美麗的女孩Oh my pretty Thai girl雖然我是大馬的Bluechai (男孩)Though I'm not a handsome Malaysian boy但我愛吃Tomyam(東炎湯) 喝喝椰奶I'm in love with tomyum and your coconut milk我很愉快 因為約會你出來 I'm really happy that we're dating todaySabai...(舒服)So chill

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