Cheating ex-fiancé tries to get BF back -- but he's super glad that they broke up

14 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

This woman clearly does not know how to take NO for an answer.

According to a series of texts posted on AsianTown, a woman believed to be the ex-fiancee of a man decided to "win" her boyfriend back via text.

The ex-lover decided to start off their conversation with an apology which slowly turns into an embarrassing mess for her.

From the texts, it is clear that her ex-boyfriend does not want to get back with her but she ends up threatening him and even demands an apology from him.

It is not clear where the incident occurred but once thing's for the sure, the man is not giving in to her, which only angers her even more.

See how the unexpected conversation ended in the gallery below.

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