Charmaine Sheh vows to bring Chin Kar Lok's groomsmen down

13 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: TVB News WorldPhoto: ZaobaoLast night (Nov 12) Mingpao Weekly held their 45th anniversary celebration at Happy Valley Racecourse. Many actors and actresses attended including Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Tavia Yeung, Wylie Chiu, Irene Wan, Sean Yeung, Elanne Kong, Cally Kwong, Joyce Cheng, Adam Cheng, Koni Lui, the Miss HK and Miss Asia winners. Ricky Wong (CTI) and Virgina Lok (TVB) each took their respective artists to the event. Charmaine will be one of Angela Tong's bridesmaids when she marries Chin Kar Lok. She was unwilling to reveal what type of games the bridesmaids plan to play on the groomsmen. She said: "In the bride pick up ceremony, we'll have very 'strong' tactics. If the groomsmen does not comply with our requests, they will suffer heavy punishments." How much do they want in the lucky red envelope? Charmaine laughed: "At least 5 figures, must be $99,999. Then we'll all be happy. We won't be accommodating the pregnant Angela Tong on the games, since we're not the ones pregnant." Charmaine frankly expressed she's putting her guards up and has no fear of the groomsmen playing them back. Her greatest wish is to make Chin Kar Lok declare his love for Angela. She said: "Usually he's too shy, no matter what I want him to say sweet and mushy stuff to Angela." When speaking of ATV protesting against the government issuing free-to-air TV licensees, Charmaine frankly said she has not been following the news, but she believes healthy competition is good. Irene and Wylie were dressed sexily to the event, Irene showed off her back and butterfly tattoo. She said: "I have to rush to a movie premiere after this, so I got this tattoo to match my role in that movie. I actually do want to get a real tattoo." Wylie expressed she's just respecting the occasion

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