Charmaine Sheh needs high risk surgery to treat slipped disc

22 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Charmaine Sheh was scheduled to attend the TVB Anniversary Gala, but because she suddenly had numbness in her right hand.

After getting a MRI test, it was discovered that Charmaine had a slipped disc, which caused compression on her collar bone nerves and thus numbness symptoms.

She must undergo surgery soon and get it treated, but the risk of the surgery is high. She may even end up being paralyzed, reports Oriental Daily.

In a telephone interview, Charmaine expressed she was initially happily choosing her outfit and jewelry accessories for the anniversary, but unexpectedly she suddenly had numbness in her hand.

She didn't have an appetite and couldn't sleep. After about 10 days, she went from 100 pounds to 94 pounds. Charmaine's mother was extremely worried about it.

The day before the TVB Anniversary Gala, Charmaine went to get a MRI test done and it was discovered she had a slipped disc.

Charmaine expressed that the doctor is requesting to perform surgery on her, but the risk of the surgery is high because its near the spinal cord.

The doctor warned her not to go crowded places or wear heels. Charmaine feared her condition may worsen, thus she immediately cancelled all her jobs.

She could only attend those events she had previously been contracted with and cannot cancel. The Christmas holidays are around the corner and that's the golden period to make money.

Looks like Charmaine is going to lose a few million this year. Not only that, Charmaine has also come down with the flu which makes things worse. She can only stay home and rest.

She said: "I'm doing physical therapy now, and have to take pain killers every night before I go to bed.

(Will this affect the TVB series you were scheduled to start in January?)

"Huh, I didn't think I would be ill for that long. I'm already really miserable now. I just want to listen to my doctor and treat it as soon as possible and can get back to work in January."

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