Charmaine Sheh on a date with Ekin Cheng?

1 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Charmaine Sheh was said to have gone for a matchmaking session recently!Since breaking up with Kevin Cheng in 2009, Charmaine had a string of rumored romances, but none actually blossomed into a real relationship. Charmaine, who turns 38 next month, was initially was against the idea of a matchmaking session. However, after seeing her friends start their own families, she gradually accepted the idea of a blind date, reported Oriental Daily.Charmaine’s friend, Florence Kwok recently tried to introduce some guys to her. Florence was spotted bringing two guys to a romantic Western restaurant in Central, Hong Kong. Not long after, Charmaine’s car was seen and she quickly walked into the restaurant after parking her car. The four of them left the restaurant after two hours.Charmaine reportedly got on very well with a well-built Ekin Cheng lookalike with a round face. The duo chatted endlessly.The man then walked with Charmaine to retrieve her car and waved continuously at her after she drove off. Charmaine appeared to be pleased with the man’s attentive gesture, revealed in her bright smile.The four of them eventually headed to Florence’s place for a second drinking session.When asked about the matchmaking session, Florence had a big reaction and said, “I did not dine with Charmaine!, I was working in China. Where would I have the time to dine with her?‘

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