Charlene Choi loves to 'torture' Ekin Cheng

1 December 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: TVB News WorldThey worked together on the set of the film My Wife is Eighteen 10 years ago. This year, Ekin Cheng and Charlene Choi are reunited on screen in the movie My Sassy Hubby. Despite working together with each other a decade after their first film together, Charlene feels like Ekin has not changed much, if even at all.She said: "I don't know what Ekin eats. His look hasn't changed at all -- like as if he had preservatives. I got older".'Ah Sa', as Charlene is fondly known as, also revealed that working with Ekin this time was the same as last time when she loved to torture Ekin.For example, she would throw a basin of water onto Ekin's face while he was sleeping, or cut off his water supply and electricity while he was showering. Charlene will also force Ekin to eat cakes by feeding him.When asked about whether she treats her boyfriend William Chan like this in real life, Ah Sa did not respond but Ekin said: "It's not the first time you were asked, what are you embarrassed about!"Ekin also said that his girlfriend, Yoyo Mung, was not a sassy girlfriend and would not throw tantrums at him. However she would not go along with him all the time either."Ekin said, "I don't know how Ah Sa behaves with William, but I know she loves him very much!"

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