Charlene Choi and BF's separation spark 3rd party rumours after what was seen on set

15 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

In year 2010, Charlene Choi and William Chan started their 'sister and brother' romance.

As Charlene had a more successful career than William, their relationship was always perceived as negative from the public, according to Asian E-News Portal.

A few years ago, William decided to develop his career in Mainland China and Charlene continued to give him support despite having to work in different countries.

Other than his career success, William's love luck seemed to be increasing too.

Recently, he was filming new movie, 'The Legend of Zu' directed by Nicky Wu and William had relationship scenes with Mainland China artiste, Zanila Zhao.

Zanila enjoyed soaring popularity after filming the classic series, New My Fair Princess.

She was named number 43 for Mainland China artiste in Forbes and her position was higher than William and Charlene.

Other than having 3 hours kissing scene in the series, William and Zanila were holding hands together while reading the script and this created the rumours immediately.

As William and Charlene worked in different countries and were spending less time together, Charlene decided to handle the relationship low-profile so as to prevent the rumours from the public.

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