Chapman To sends vulgarity laden reply to Deric Wan's Weibo post

22 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Former TVB artist, Deric Wan, who has moved to mainland to further his acting career, recently declared his love for China on Weibo.

Given the political strain between Hong Kong and mainland China, Deric’s declaration has caused much disdain among Hong Kong citizens, including Chapman To who cursed, “3 words, XXX!”

Although Deric started out in the entertainment industry as a Hong Kong singer in 1982, he did not make a big name for himself until he played the heartless villain in the drama, Looking Back in Anger in 1989.

Because of his strong personality and high-profile breakups, Deric attracted a lot of negative news.

This eventually caused his downfall in Hong Kong, and Deric has since refused to accept all interviews from the Hong Kong media.

After successfully relocating his career to mainland China, Deric enjoyed a less strenuous work schedule.

In his third marriage, Deric married local actress Zhao Ting and has happily adapted to living in mainland.

Deric’s patriotic declaration of love for mainland China resulted in many rude responses from netizens.

Commercial Radio show host and veteran, Poon Siu Tao posted on Facebook to mock Deric.

Chapman To expressed his disgust in response to Poon Siu Tao’s Facebook entry; Chapman’s comment earned 200 likes.

The ill feelings between Deric and Chapman started when Deric posted a photo of his deceased father on Weibo earlier.

He said, “Everyone said my father and Brother Chapman look alike. Maybe my dad and his … Ha ha,” visibly hinting that Chapman’s mother and his father may have gotten together.

Chapman was so angry that he posted a reply on Facebook. He said, “If you joke again at the expense of my mother, I will beat XXX you up!”

Chapman posted a lengthy post on patriotism on Weibo.

He said, “There is no equality when it comes to occupations, but it is for character! In order to make ends meet, you betray yourself. This is a choice. But if you say things that hurt the feelings of more than 7 million people, please remember your roots.”

Chapman went on to say that although there is no harm in earning mainland money, there is no need to curry favor with the Communist Party. He believes it is a matter of demand and supply.

He added, “Yesterday, I was filming in Japan. Tomorrow I’ll be going to Hangzhou to film a Chinese film. I have these opportunities because I am a dedicated actor, not because I’m a Communist. I feel ashamed to appear in the same news as you.”

Deric’s wife, Zhao Ting, addressed Chapman’s criticism in a Weibo post, “Mr. Chapman To, is being patriotic selling yourself and shoe-shining the Communist Party? Saying that China is a strong country, doesn’t China also include Hong Kong?

"At this moment, your post uses such vulgar words; what is the intention? Although you may not accept the return of Hong Kong to China, but I as an ordinary woman cannot let you unreasonably insult my husband.

"Using your words to direct back at you: I and my husband, Deric Wan, feel ashamed that you are also Chinese!”

Regarding the dissidents who wrote harassing messages on his Weibo, Deric said that his colleagues have helped him track the IP addresses of more than offensive 500 posters, in which the information will be forwarded to Weibo’s relevant departments.

“I stopped allowing everyone to comment these couple of days because I don’t want to see everyone’s impulses lead to trouble. What for? There’s nothing wrong in being patriotic!”

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