Chapman To admits swearing at Charlene Choi

15 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago
Working under the same company, Chapman To and Charlene Choi had many chances to collaborate in recent years, reports Apple Daily.
However, the two were once not on good terms due to Charlene’s ex-husband, Ronald Cheng.
Jaynestars reports on how Chapman spoke of the time he and Charlene hated one another. He also recalled their reconciliation process and their current friendship.
Chapman revealed, “One time, Ronald was very drunk and Charlene phoned to ask him to come home. I thought she was very annoying…so I grabbed the phone over and swore at her angrily. ‘Bitch, stop calling! Ronald is not going to go home tonight!’ She hated me ever since. Every time she saw me, she pretended I wasn't there.”
It was not long after that when Chapman also signed himself with EEG. Allegedly, Charlene immediately asked her manager, Mani Fok, why the company hired such people. 
Chapman later realized how easy it was for a friendship to break and how hard it can be for it to mend. When he later had the chance to work closely with Charlene, he initiated an apology. Charlene quickly replied, “Aiya, you don’t need to do this.”
With the simple apology, Chapman and Charlene’s grudge against each other vanished. The two once again became good old friends.
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