Glenda Chong's lawyer husband proposed to her three times

30 January 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

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She is an executive editor and presenter with Channel NewsAsia. He is not only an advocate and solicitor, but a partner as well at Tito Isaac & Co. LLP.

They first met in 2012 in a carpark and then again at a party. Neither knew at the time that they were destined to become husband and wife in August.

She tells us: Justin proposed three times. Twice at home, and the last time in Bali. I said yes to all three! Only family was present when we first exchanged vows. This was back in July. It was a Peranakan affair to honour my heritage.

It was wonderful to see the bibiks and babas in traditional sarong kebayas and batik shirts. We wanted to hold everything on the same day. The tea ceremony and lunch were more traditional, which made our older relatives happy.

The dinner was held at a restaurant with a colonial setting. During dinner, someone read E.E. Cummings's poem I Carry Your Heart With Me, which perfectly reflected our feelings for each other. Who can forget the toasts!

After we did the usual yum seng, where you have to toast three times for wealth, health and fertility, Justin got our guests to toast to fertility once more. My husband is not shy about expressing his emotions.

He swept me off my feet. Yes! Justin literally swept me off my feet after the gatecrashing ceremony.

He looked very handsome when he entered my bedroom, and I was so glad I was to be married to him.

I keep the wedding photo of my late parents by the bed, and I can only hope that my marriage will be as blissful.

So tired and hungry. It was fun but exhausting. I was so tired and hungry. I didn't get to eat because we were busy entertaining our guests. Still, I would do this all again in a heartbeat!


• Start planning early. Book your vendors and venue early to avoid disappointment.

• Trust your vendors.

If you're getting your wedding dress designed from scratch, trust your designer to do a good job. He or she has worked with many brides before, and knows what works and what doesn't for your body type. The same applies to your florist's arrangements.

• Have lots of patience during the planning. Your wedding is about other people, too.
If you feel overwhelmed, take a breather and slowly try to bring the focus back to you.

• Don't forget to thank or pay tribute to your parents and family at the reception.

• It's your big day, so indulge! Have fun and eat a little during the wedding.

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