Cesar meets his match in this plucky dog

15 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Cesar Millan, star of reality show The Dog Whisperer, recently met a pooch that wasn't quite ready to be 'dominated'. According to the expert dog handler, Holly suffers from 'food aggression', becoming intractable and disobedient when feeding.Placing a bowl before Holly, Cesar confronted the dog, leading to a scuffle that ended up with Holly clamping its jaws down on his hand.In his desperation to get Holly to loose its jaws, he aimed a kick at Holly's flank.The incident has fuelled doubts among dog lovers that Cesar's methods can be unorthodox and even unnecessarily brutal.Cesar handled himself well during the incident however, dousing his bleeding hand with water and calling for a time out, while reassuring Holly's owner that it was his job to take risks when necessary.

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