Celebs join belly button challenge to show off good figures

12 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago
Chinese female celebrities have joined in a quirky Internet challenge to determine if one's figure is good or not.

Celebrities such as Yang Mi, Jenny Zhang, Xu Fei and more are joining in the amusing challenge to prove that they all got good figures, reports AsiaOne.

To do so, the starlets had to use their arm to go around their waist and touch their belly button. If they succeed, they are deemed to have good figures.

The celebrities did the stunt in many places such as in a restaurant, outdoors and in their homes.

Some netizens said this stunt is silly, while others said it was hilarious. Some men also attempted the challenge and posted their hilarious photos online.

The stunt, however, also got netizens highlighting how slim these Chinese stars are.

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