Celeb Taiwan blogger regrets posting personal pictures online

10 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: AsiaOneA celebrity Taiwanese blogger has regretted posting suggestive photos of herself on her blog after hackers bypassed the privacy settings and circulated the pictures online. The blogger also regrets posting details of her private life online when she was younger.Miss Xu Xiaoxiang used to post revealing and suggestive pictures of herself on her private blog when she was in her 20s.However, hackers managed to bypass the privacy settings and downloaded the pictures.Since then, her photos have been circulated on the Internet by Chinese netizens.The ex-blogger has appealed to netizens to stop circulating her photos.She said she has since been married and is already someone’s wife.She has also defended her photos, saying that she took them for personal use and was not trying to be narcissistic.She also said she took them herself with the self-timer function on her camera and did not get anyone else to do it.Some of the photos had also been digitally altered and was not a true representation of her, she said

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