Cecilia Cheung's son embarrassed when she takes him to school

29 September 2014 / 2 years 4 weeks ago

In an interview clip for the reality show She’s My Family <明星到我家>, Cecilia Cheung revealed her thoughts about love and recalled her past with Nicholas -- from dating, to marriage, and to divorce.

“That road [I walked on] was, honestly, very difficult. But if all of us walked on flat paths instead, that will also not be a good thing. There will be times when we feel tall and low; right or wrong. Actually, if we learn from our mistakes, we can gain even more [wisdom].

"I’ve done many good things in my life. I’ve also committed many mistakes, but I have learned from them.”

According to a Jayne Stars article, tears brimmed on Cecilia’s eyes when she was asked about her thoughts on love.

“When love comes, you really can’t stop it. When I love, I don’t love just my boyfriend. It’s not that simple. I love everyone. I even love my pets. Once I love, I will give it my all. Love cannot be calculated or measured. If you do, that’s not true love.”

Cecilia is busy with her career in mainland China, but nothing is more important than taking care of her two sons, 7-year-old Lucas and 4-year-old Quintus. She revealed that Lucas is already at the point of his childhood where he feels embarrassed when his mother takes him to school.

“It stings, but I would tell myself that there is no other way. I used to think that way when I was younger too.”

Cecilia realizes that once her two sons come of age, she will have to learn to let them go. “I want them to learn how to pick themselves up after they fall. Otherwise, they will never learn how to protect themselves.”

But Cecilia admitted that she does not want those days to come soon. “A good plan is to keep on having kids so I can continue to be a mother!”

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