Cecilia Cheung's father beaten up by debt collectors? Other sources tell a different story

5 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Earlier, Cecilia Cheung’s (張栢芝) father Cheung Yan Yung (張仁勇) was seen limping back to his modest village home in Tai Wai. At the time, it was speculated that the former mob boss suffered a broken leg because Cheung was beaten up by his debt collectors. However, the latest reports pointed out that Cheung was limping because he had a stroke.

According to an article in Jayne Stars, Cheung was an infamous triad figure. When Cecilia debuted in the entertainment industry, it was known that she had consistently paid off her father’s debts. In recent years, Cecilia distanced from her father and moved to Singapore with her two sons, Lucas and Quintus. She would occasionally return to mainland China and Hong Kong to make public appearances on TV.

Without the active support of Cecilia, Cheung had to rely on his two younger sons, Cheung Pak Man (張柏文) and Ronnie Cheung (張豪龍). Ronnie, who was once active in the Hong Kong film industry, is now a wakeboard instructor. Pak Man, on the other hand, is hard at work with his wristwatch business. He also works as an agent for concerts and has invested in a pub. Despite the busy summer season, both men would take time off to visit their father.

Pak Man, who was spotted selling watches at a store, said, “My businesses are doing well. The markets are okay so far. I’ve been working with watches for the past three to four years already and I do everything myself.” He said Cecilia did not invest in his business, expressing that she has been very busy. He also admitted that he does not see Cecilia often.

A source said Cecilia does visit her father, but not as often as it may seem. Whenever Cecilia returns to Hong Kong, she prefers to visit her friends. Cecilia has recently developed an interest in throwing darts and playing billiards. She frequents Joe Nieh’s (倪震) pub, Joe’s Billiards & Bar, and spending time with close friends, Eric Suen (孫耀威) and his girlfriend Macy Chan (陳美詩).

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