Cecilia Cheung: 'We never said that we were immigrating to Canada'

8 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

Lucas Tse Chun Hin, Quintus Tse Chun Nam and their mother Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi spent a long vacation in Canada. They first arrived in Vancouver in early July and stayed there for two months before returning to Hong Kong. Last night at around 7:30pm, Pak Chi arrived in Hong Kong from Vancouver with her two sons.

Upon leaving the gate, the waiting assistants rushed in and picked up Lucas and Quintus. Pak Chi was prepared to face the waiting press and slowed down her pace for interviews, reports an article on Tvbnewsworld.

Did she immigrate to Canada? Was she arranging for her sons to study in Canada? How long will she stay in Hong Kong? Pak Chi repeatedly answered three times, "Not yet!" When asked if she had bought a home in Canada as rumoured, she said, "No!"

Earlier alimony reports had upset Pak Chi. Her manager has handed the matter to lawyers. Yesterday, Pak Chi was asked about alimony. She said that the matter was in the court's hands and she would not comment.

Pak Chi earlier in an interview said that she was at peace. She described that her mood was just like normal. When she realized that Quintus cried in the arms of her assistant, she immediately asked reporters not to scare Quintus when they took photos. Lucas lay in the arms of the assistant and often made faces at reporters.

Pak Chi suddenly responded to earlier rumours about her immigration to Canada. She said, "We never said that we were immigrating, I don't know who said it. My family went to Canada to keep me company, but they returned to Hong Kong earlier. We are not immigrating to Canada."

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