Cecilia Cheung spotted with 5 carat diamond ring on finger while out shopping

3 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Since Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse's divorce, the public has been following their love lives closely.

On New Year's Day, Cecilia and her two sons Lucas and Quintas were shopping at a mall, and a 5-carat ring was spotted on Cecilia's index finger, reports Oriental Daily via TVB Newsworld.

Earlier, when Cecilia was on vacation in Singapore, it was rumored she had two new 'love interests', the muscular Hero and foreigner Leo. Unfortunately, neither of them were able to win her heart.

Reporters went up to Cecilia and asked about her 5-carat diamond ring. Was it a New Year's gift from her new boyfriend? Cecilia laughed: "If a boyfriend gave me one, it wouldn't be 5 carats! I bought it as a gift to myself."

When asked if 5-carats cost HK$1 million, she said, "Haha, my finger is small, its just 1 carat!"

Reporters asked again whether Cecilia had a new boyfriend. She was in a great mood and joked: "I hope so too, but I'm still single now. I'm up for sale in 2014, if anyone wants to pursue me, then call 1083! (information hotline)"

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