Cecilia Cheung slammed by fellow actors for her unprofessional behaviour

19 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) has seen a fair share of criticism over her wild personality, poor parenting skills, and even her broken English.

According to a report in Jayne Stars, her professionalism is also called into question this week after an industry veteran commented on her negative behavior on the film set and shockingly labelled her as a disgrace for Hong Kong artistes.

Although the public loves to nitpick her personal choices, Cecilia is generally acknowledged for her acting talent. However, her acting career seems to have suffered greatly after a series of ups-and-downs in her family life.

Once an award winning actress, in recent years Cecilia has received mostly mixed reviews for her performances, and has even been mocked as worst actress several times.

One of her poorly-received films is 2011′s Legendary Amazons <楊門女將之軍令如山>. Filmed in the same year as her very public divorce from Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), the movie was supposed to be one of Cecilia’s major comeback projects. Not only did viewers find her performance unsatisfactory, her co-star, veteran artiste Cheng Pei Pei (鄭佩佩), also found her on-set attitude unacceptable.

In a recent episode of Mainland talk show Big Shot <大牌駕到>, Cheng Pei Pei spoke frankly about her experience working with Cecilia.

Although she gave recognition to Cecilia’s talent, she finds the younger actress unprofessional. “She had a very bad work attitude. She has disgraced her fellow Hong Kong actors. Perhaps she was going through family problems. However she should not have brought them to the set, and should learn to empathize with the crew members.”

Cheng’s comments immediately ignited backlash from Cecilia’s fans. Some went to Cheng’s Weibo to defend their idol, insisting that Cecilia is a hard-working single mom who does not deserve the criticism.

Others showed support for Cheng, applauding her for speaking the truth. Cheng herself briefly addressed the issue on Weibo on June 18, agreeing that she may have said the wrong words though seems to stand by her original sentiments.

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