Cecilia Cheung reveals what it takes to win her heart: Suitors do not need to be rich or successful

9 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Cecilia Cheung accepted a radio interview lately and listed down the criteria for her future boyfriend.

According to an article in Asian Pop News, when she was asked what would really touch her the most when a guy was courting her, the Hong Kong actress said: "He has to accept that I am an actress and treats me like a normal person.

"I have to eat and use the toilet. I don't survive on batteries and I do need to drink water.

"He has to accept whatever the press writes on him.

"If there is such a man, I will stick with him without looking back."

She continued by saying that he does not have to be rich or have a successful career.

She said: "To me, money is that I have enough to eat and have a roof over my head.

"Today, I may drive a luxurious car, but tomorrow, I can also take the public transport.

"Even Chow Yun-Fat takes the train to travel around."

Cecilia also revealed that she does not wish to date a celebrity again and that she would not open up to her next suitor that easily.

"If I don't feel that he's someone I can entrust my future with, I won't reveal much.

"I also do not want my sons to think there are so many uncles around."

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